Hunting rifles by Karl Hauptmann

The earliest known weapon from Georg Hauptmann is from 1902

Karl Hauptmann I.
According to the oral tradition the naming of today’s “Bergstutzen” was his idea.

worked in weapon’s factory in Steyr between 1930 and 1935

1939: Founding of Karl Hauptmann’s company

1964: business was taken over by Karl Hauptmann II.
He manufactures the first Triple Rifle in 1994 and obtains utility model protection for it.

2005: transfer to Gerd Hauptmann
Ejectors for Triple Rifle, Titanium barrel, trigger plate mounted boxlock – Light Pull, new trigger system and magazine lid locking for our Slim Line Bolt Action Rifles.
Most of these innovations do have utility model protection and are therefore only offered by us.

Our philosophy

Made for hunting

Despite all modern developments we strongly believe in the classical way of manufacturing. Although the development of the manufacturing of classic rifles is completed in general perception, we regularly prove the opposite. We only change if we can improve the proven and not for the sake of change.

„We only change to improve.“

Hunting experience, creativity and expertise passed down through the generations are united at Karl Hauptmann. A well-rehearsed team, accurate machines, tools and equipment, a lot of experience and especially skilled craftsmanship result in unique hunting rifles.

Ten fingers, one thought. Although we use state-of-the-art technology in our facility, focus has been on genuine handicraft for three generations. Thanks to experience, tradition and expertise we are able to create more with our hands than what would be possible with machines only.

We manufacture hunting rifles with only one objective: „Made for hunting.“

No museum piece of tomorrow but hunting rifles for today and the future. Masterpieces, perfectly crafted and elaborately decorated, with perfect performance in the field and excellent shooting performance. We are committed to our costumers. Together we develop an individual concept. Discretion is very important to us. It remains our company’s secret who buys our rifles and how we technically implement our unique ideas.

Hunting Rifles

Karl Hauptmann

Themed Rifles

Karl Hauptmann

African Dream

An homage to the African adventure

    Inspired by the idea of a new interpretation of the African topic, our team has worked for three years. The African wilderness is brought to life with one of the most elaborate and unique engravings. This exceptional masterpiece bears the unmistakable hallmark of Karl Hauptmann and is despite of its beauty Made for hunting.

    Seven Sins

    The beauty of sin

      Hunt the closest combination of all mortal sins. So nothing is more obvious than uniting them in a hunting rifle. The template of the engraving derives from the Renaissance. The elaborate technique of the Triple Rifle combines smoothly with its artistic configuration. Classic elegance implemented in an exclusive hunting rifle – simply: Made for hunting.

      Wings of the Dragon

      Collaboration can be so beautiful

        This exceptional weapon was developed in close collaboration between the customer’s designer and our own team. It proves that limits are only set by imagination.
        We are looking forward to be challenged by you and to make your fantasies come true – all in compliance with our mission statement: Made for hunting.

        Engraving and Finishings

        Karl Hauptmann

        Craft and art meet in the work of our engravers. Unique rifles are created by the ambition to preserve and refine centuries-old technologies.
        Styles and compositions, technical details manufactured in bright steel. It will take a lot of time to get to know each detail in its beauty.

        Our creativity is virtually unlimited – not only for engravings but also in terms of gun cases. We like to surprise with the exceptional.