Combinations of barrels and calibres as well as system setup are oriented towards the hunter’s characteristics and requirements, who will later own this rifle.


  • “Bergstutzen” Over / Under combination rifle
    (my grandfather’s idea, also named by him)
  • Over / Under combination guns
    With rifle calibers smaller than 6,5mm we do them also with the rifle barrel on top in classic shape as it is used on “Bergstutzen” rifles. Due to this we can get a nicer shape of the action.
  • Over Under Double Rifles
  • Four Barreled Rifles

Triples in various variants as:

  • Classic triples
  • Double barrel triple
  • Combination triple
  • Vertrical triple
  • Rifled combination triple
  • Shotgun triple
  • Paradox triple
    Two barrels side by side, third barrel is on top (actually we are doing two in cal. 500 N.E. at the moment